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  August 29, 2019  
William H.
Fast, accurate, high value. Everything it should be.
  August 29, 2019  
Amy A.
Great service - so easy and fast
  August 29, 2019  
I especially admire the quality control procedures they have in place.
  August 28, 2019  
Polina M.
The transcripts varied in quality - some were awful and some were quite good. While we understand there was some jargon and content-specific terms in the dialogue, the terms weren't even transcribed consistently. There were some passages that were entirely wrong and some text that was added (when nothing was said in the actual recording). In short, the transcripts had to be validated and edited before we were able to use them in our work. I see no value add relative to the transcripts we get from Zoom for no additional cost.
  August 28, 2019  
Easy to use and integrates with Vimeo
  August 27, 2019  
Yura R.
I had really bad experience with translation. Accidentally, I put two pages instead of one when I was filling online form. There were only two sentences to translate. But they double charged me 2 * $33 = $66. I asked customer service and they declined my request to reimburse me it. I do not recommend this service as they have really bad customer service.
  August 27, 2019  
P k.
It took me a bit of time to figure out the export feature but editing was easy. Once I worked with the program, I found it fairly easy. It seems to be a bit expensive however.
  August 26, 2019  
Lovely talent and stupendous follow up
  August 26, 2019  
Chris H.
My transcription was done quickly and accurately. I've used in the past, as have a number of my colleagues and the service and quality of the transcriptions have been excellent. Keep up the good work.
  August 24, 2019  
Theodore P.
Turnaround was fast and transcription was perfect.
  August 23, 2019  
Alistair M.
I’ve spent hours typing captions for clients and was blown away when I found Rev. The captions were even laid out better than mine. All for less than the price of a coffee.
  August 23, 2019  
I’ve “written” multiple books by using REV. Their technology & quality is a valuable asset for my business. Very grateful for their service!
  August 22, 2019  
Quick turnaround and accurate-will use again
  August 21, 2019  
So easy to use, makes such a difference to the engagement of videos on social media.
  August 21, 2019  
Susan J.
Great service. I had a complicated transcript with more than a dozen people. Cheaper services returned transcripts that were unintelligible but Rev got it right.
  August 19, 2019  
Reg C.
The conversion to text was too poor to use.
  August 15, 2019  
Marcus L.
Super fast and efficient. Amazing service and price!
  August 15, 2019  
Timothy C.
Quick, accurate, and cost-effective! Love it! Thanks!
  August 15, 2019  
Excellent service, efficient, quick and great final product.
  August 15, 2019  
Monte W.
No probs text correct very quick turnaround