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  August 14, 2019  
Great prices, excellent service, perfect transcript. Rev turned around a 5 1/2 hour board meeting with more than 20 speaking participants in less than 24 hours. Couldn't be happier.
  August 14, 2019  
Guy L.
Quick, accurate and research obviously done into the details of the transcription.
  August 14, 2019  
Kory L.
WARNING! "Certified" Translations made by are not valid with all government agencies. I used to translate my birth certificate and divorce certificate for my marriage in Nice, France. The City Hall in Nice France said the translations by were not valid translations and would not be accepted. I contacted and was told that they do not offer a Money Back Guarantee for their translations unless its for USCIS......So unless you are translating only for USCIS your translated document is not guaranteed to be accepted. I wasted $198 on for worthless "certifications". I should have read the fine print..... Unless you are translating for USCIS DO NOT USE
  August 14, 2019  
Matthew P.
Great and fast captions and transcriptions.
  August 13, 2019  
Great service, quick, fast and easy and great customer service.
  August 13, 2019  
Jichael M.
Using was easy, quick, and surprisingly effective! Very reasonable cost, and they delivered exactly what I wanted. I will definitely use them again!
  August 11, 2019  
Excellent service and communication. Small errors of the english language but would fully recommend.
  August 11, 2019  
Erika A.
You guys did an excellent job and it was done in a short amount of time, which was amazing. Thank You!
  August 10, 2019  
Stuart G.
Loathed to give any company a 1* review but received a truly terrible transcription and service. Would not ever use again. Would not recommend.
  August 8, 2019  
Amy H.
Fast and Easy! No hassle. They Do A Great job!
  August 8, 2019  
Sharon F.
The transcripts are well done. I appreciate the ability to use their time stamps. Excellent service.
  August 6, 2019  
Adrian B. do exactly what they say on the tin! In today's world of false promises, it is great to have a service that really delivers and they are so fast
  August 4, 2019  
Don G.
I had a 68 minute audio with at least 7 speakers (often speaking over each other) that needed transcription. did an outstanding job. The quality was as perfect as you might expect considering the poor audio and talking over each other, the turnaround was about 24 hours and the cost was dirt cheap (a buck a minute). This is the second time in five days I've used them and can easily see using them again.
  August 4, 2019  
Thea R.
The turnaround time was excellent. The transcription was incredibly accurate, even with some profession specific terminology. Not the cheapest but well worth it. The transcript was easy to edit after tr fact as well.
  August 3, 2019  
Good attempt but not accurate as i have an australian accent. Nice try though.
  August 3, 2019  
Hanna C.
Merging phone calls between Rev and the outgoing call is buggy - it failed more than 6 times when I tried using it.
  August 2, 2019  
You. Nailed. It. Listening to multiple speakers using technical jargon is hard enough...transcribing it??? Super difficult. And you nailed it. Thank you!
  August 2, 2019  
Mark H. has immensely improved my business life. It saves me hours, improves efficiency and increases the quality of my client meeting notes. They are fast and accurate
  August 1, 2019  
Maggie N.
I've been using for about a year now. Generally, they do a great job, and turnaround is usually within 24 hours (with real people transcribing). You can use real people or their auto-transcriber service. Just started using the auto-transcription service - it's okay if you have internal dictation to transcribe (letters, notes, etc.) and you have some time to clean them up/edit them. We recorded client interviews and the transcription is just for our internal use. The auto-transcriber does not always distinguish between 2 speakers (it often comes back all marked as Speaker 1, with speakers' sentences run together in one paragraph under Speaker 1). Can't imagine how it looks if you have more than 2 people talking! For this reason, I would only use the auto-transcriber when you've got just 1 person talking, or 2 at the most, and I gave Rev only 4 stars instead of 5 -- their auto-transcriber needs some work. If you don't mind that (you only need all the words that were said), it can work for you - turnaround in minutes, and you can't beat the low price. However, if you are transcribing something more important, for a client, or say, board meeting conversations, that needs to come back looking very polished, go with a real human transcriber - they can distinguish multiple voices better (if you give them the names of the speakers in advance, they'll label them) and they do a great job! I have only had minor issues a couple of times with real people, but 95% of the time, the real people transcribers get 4-5 stars. Pay more, and get much more! Rev is easy to use, and reliable! Great interface/tools for viewing and editing your transcriptions online, too - before you download them. I recommend if you need audio files transcribed fast!
  August 1, 2019  
N R.
Excellent turnaround on my transcription service. A few errors but all expected due to style and quality of my recordings - really impressed! The support team were also available to help whenever I needed it.