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  July 18, 2019  
Lynn C. has done a really good job transcribing our audio interviews. Sometimes, however, words are misspelled, which could be an area of improvement.
  July 18, 2019  
Amanda F.
Very impressed how fast I got it back and excellent transcribing. I’m recommending it to everyone!!! Very happy.
  July 17, 2019  
Justin S.
❤️the team. Always a quick and accurate turnaround.
  July 16, 2019  
Shannon W.
Very quick getting the transcript completed and back to us!!
  July 16, 2019  
It was a small test call, but the transcription was punctual and accurate! Thank you!
  July 16, 2019  
Fast, accurate, economical.
  July 15, 2019  
Bernard C.
Fast and very accurate.
  July 15, 2019  
Pam B.
the online ordering process is easy, the turnaround is prompt and quality good. I love that when it comes back I can place my mouse anywhere in the text and the recording plays back that spot, which is great for checking words. Our content has a lot of industry jargon and it is great that I can note jargon when ordering so most of it is right, but there are always words I forget to put in the jargon list or don't know myself, so easy checking is very helpful.
  July 12, 2019  
Sally R.
Amazed that the transcriber got all the spelling right, the punctuation, the paragraphing too, without any guidance from the speaker. Many difficult Italian words , names of Renaissance artists, etc, all correct. Brilliant work. Good price, prompt service.
  July 12, 2019  
O W.
Very clean and simple interface for managing recordings and editing transcripts. Excellent quality of the manual transcription. Great turn-around time.
  July 11, 2019  
Michael B.
Timely and accurate delivery. Thanks.
  July 11, 2019  
John D.
Excellent service and work.
  July 10, 2019  
Thaddeus N.
The features on REV are outstanding — the play/highlight in particular. The transcription fidelity is ~90%, so very good but not perfect. But you can't beat the efficiency and value of the service.
  July 10, 2019  
Mike B.
Super quick and very useable file!
  July 10, 2019  
Jeff B.
I'm super impressed with whomever did our transcript. They obviously also did research and surprisingly were correct with some quirks of the branding of a product that was the crux of the conversation.
  July 9, 2019  
Kristen R.
Easy to use and navigate. Excellent turn around time with transcript.
  July 8, 2019  
This company does a very good job of transcribing phone calls in a timely manner. I've used them for several years now and they've been consistent. The transcribers aren't always perfect but who is? Rev is compatible with other apps, such as "Tape-a-Call," which I've used for a while to record interviews on the phone.
  July 8, 2019  
Jessica K.
The turnaround time was so incredibly fast and the transcript near perfect! We made one very minor edit after receiving it. Overall, I am so impressed with Rev.
  July 8, 2019  
Very easy to use
  July 7, 2019  
Karen M.
Excellent turnaround and final product!